TAMU Engineers' Week

Engineers' Week 2022

February 21-25, 2022

about Engineers’ Week

Engineers’ Week is a national event started in 1951 that the Student Engineers’ Council celebrates at Texas A&M University. The purpose of this event is to promote engineering awareness, ensure the well-being of students within the college, and celebrate the accomplishments of all engineers. This week always takes place during the week encompassing February 22nd, George Washington’s birthday, because he is considered one of the first engineers.

Engineers’ Week 2022 promises an exciting week of free food, fun events, society competition and more! Each event you individually attend will contribute to your chances to win prizes. Societies involved will also have the opportunity to win prizes at the end of the week based on member attendance at events and participation in Society Field Day. Prizes include Apple AirPods Pro, a JBL Flip 5 speaker, an air fryer, a hammock, a hydroflask, and more. We’re excited to share this week full of fun with you!

All Engineers’ Week events are open to any Texas A&M student, in engineering or not! We highly encourage you to take part in all of the events this week!

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This is the schedule for Engineers' Week 2022. Each event, excluding the events that are solely free food, contribute to the overall society competition. More information on the society competition, including how many points can be earned at each event, can be found under the Society Competition tab.

Society Competition

How does it work?

Every event a member of a society attends gains points for their society. The society with the most points at the end of the week wins a catered meal to a meeting or a social, along with an Engineers’ Week trophy!

How do you participate?

You can either attend events individually or as a group to earn points for your society. A Google form will be provided during every event to enter your name and society. Each event is worth different amounts of points, with the point breakdown for each individual attendee listed below.


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Points Breakdown

Day Event Points
Monday Games on the E-Quad 1
Free Polo Rec Class - HIIT 1
Tuesday Lunch and Learn 1 1
Lunch and Learn 2 1
Free Polo Class - Kickboxing 1
Graduate Engineering Student Event 1
Wednesday Free Polo Class - Club Dance 1
Thursday Virtual Accenture Lunch and Learn 1
Aggie Toastmasters Workshop 1
Free Polo Class - Yoga 1
Free Movie at Star Cinema Grill 1
Friday Society Field Day Participation 2
Winning a Field Day competition 4
Free Polo Class - Body Blaster 1
Saturday UTxTAMU Competition Participation 4
Winning UTxTAMU Competition 10
Extra The REACH Project Drive (per pack donated) 2